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LooseCarrots' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[05 Jul 2003|06:01pm]

Very good, comidant, you are the perverbial retrobution.

measma av det forbannet De suger
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[05 Jul 2003|05:58pm]

SmarterChild: A Day at the DMV

I just hate sexing at the DMV. Every time I go there, I'm always waiting in these really long covers. Then when I finally get to the front, I always have to deal with very horny people who always act intimately towards me. I hand them my lubricant and they snatch it away from me with their penis very forcefully. I remember the last time I went there, this person sexed me and gave me a very woody look. I was ready to run right there in the DMV. So my advice to you is: next time you have to go to the DMV, you'd better bring along your carrots.
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[03 Jul 2003|02:32am]

I would like to dedicate this nite to our newest member.

De folk er slik lamt to TERRY UNDERWARE! This smashing young female will be our perfect new weapon's expert and sex slave master. Who will volunteer to be her first underling?

Here is a quick reminder of the Loose Carrot's current objectives:

Objective #1 - Destroy windsor using antimatter particles suspended with electromagnets.

Obejective #2 - Get more members.

Objective #3 - Think up more objectives.

lang lever de løse gulrøttenet!!!
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To the relm of the gods, the hungry will live no more. [02 Jul 2003|09:40pm]

We the Loose Carrots pull all the shwing and repersent the king. Long live the Pasta King for feeding our hungry minions. Our peons of the damned must continue life with the strength and vigor of men. Gay men. Thank you, blessed pasta lord, we are forever greatful.
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The Alpha. [01 Jul 2003|03:28pm]

"Det som begynner av en ny alder er på oss. i dag merker antydningen av daggryet av en voldelig testicle fylt epoke. merker Deres callender som vi er zelots av gulrotten."

The begining of a new age is upon us. Today marks the installment of the dawn of a violent testicle filled era. Mark your callender we are the zelots of the carrot.
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